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9/1 Dislike all day don’t give a fuck

What do you get when you give autistic twelve year-olds internet access? The “Metal Militia.” No, really. These kids who reject mainstream pop for mainstream metal have this brilliant plan to dislike every Justin Bieber video and leave a negative comment today. This is what baffles me. What do they think they’ll accomplish by disliking something clearly not intended for their demographic?  I doubted they would even leave a mark….then I looked at the Justin Bieber videos. In two minutes, there were 505 new comments since I clicked on the link, I shit you not. They even managed to get the dislike bar higher than the like bar. I don’t see why “metalheads” are attacking pop videos when they have a much more relevant target: indie rock. Teen-dream sensations like Justin Bieber have been around since the 50s (though you may argue the differences in quality), but indie is relatively new, and it’s really gaining popularity. Magazines like Rolling Stone, NME, and Spin usually push the metal reviews to the back of the review page in a tiny box, so why aren’t they pissed over that? It seems like ‘hipster’ is becoming the new buzzword among mainstream media sites, even fucking Fox News. Then again, these are people I’ve described  as ‘autistic twelve year-olds with internet access,” so maybe they haven’t gotten to the point in their life when their peers get a fetish for ironic t-shirts and skinny jeans. I guess kids will be kids, and haters gonna hate.

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